Our nonprofit partners help people in need, save lives, and make magic happen every day. We are proud to support their hard work!

Roots & Wings supports the remarkable work of hundreds of nonprofit organizations seeking to build healthier, stronger, and safer futures for children and families. Our approach to grantmaking is rooted in trust that our grantee partners’ connection to the communities they support gives them perspective and expertise that funders rarely achieve. We know the services our partners provide are integral to overcoming inequity and building a world where all families and children can reach their full potential. We also know those same organizations are consistently over-worked and under-resourced.

We think funders can, and must, work harder to reduce the burdens foundations have historically imposed on nonprofits. To help our partners stay focused on their mission, we strive to minimize distractions like complicated grant processes, lengthy applications, evaluation requirements, detailed grant reporting, and more. You can learn more about our trust-based principles on our approach page.

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We invite you to explore the diverse mix of nonprofit organizations Roots & Wings is supporting by searching below. Our grants database is searchable by program or location. You can also download an Excel spreadsheet with a complete listing of all our partners. For more details about our grantmaking visit our Candid page.

If you are inspired by the remarkable work our grantee partners are doing, consider supporting them directly.

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American Academy of Pediatrics  |  Itasca, IL

Attaining optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

  • Program Area: Safety & Justice
  • Funded Since: 2023

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation  |  New York, NY

Protecting civil liberties and civil rights, advancing equity, justice, and freedom, and dismantling systems rooted in oppression and discrimination.

Animal Crackers, Inc.  |  Madison, WI

Providing a safe, caring, child-centered learning environment where all children, regardless of circumstances, can learn and grow through meaningful and purposeful play.

  • Program Area: Early Learning
  • Funded Since: 2022

Arbor Health Foundation  |  Morton, WA

Fostering trust and nurturing a healthy community while providing accessible, quality healthcare.

ARC Community Services, Inc.  |  Madison, WI

Helping women reclaim their lives, gain awareness of their personal self-worth, and be empowered to make the changes necessary to improve their welfare along with that of their children and families.

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Foundation  |  Colton, CA

Serving our diverse community with high-quality commpassionate care in an environment of learning and innovation.

Badger Childhood Cancer Network  |  Madison, WI

Educating, supporting, serving and advocating for children with cancer and blood disorders, their families, survivors of childhood cancer and the professionals who care for them.

Badger Prairie Needs Network  |  Verona, WI

Dedicated to fighting poverty and ending hunger.

Bayview Foundation, Inc.  |  Madison, WI

Supporting its culturally diverse, low-income families in realizing their aspirations by providing affordable housing, fostering cultural pride, and building community through the arts, education, and recreation.

Boston Medical Center Corporation  |  Boston, MA

Providing consistently excellent and accessible health services to all in need of care regardless of status or ability to pay – exceptional care, without exception.

If you’re inspired by our grantee partner stories, consider supporting them by donating directly.

The nonprofit organizations you see throughout our site are almost always over-worked and under-resourced. Their work is essential, but budget constraints are a constant source of stress for most groups. Roots & Wings does all we can to fund and sustain our partners, but we are just one foundation, and their needs are far greater than we alone can cover. We encourage you to reach out and make direct donations if you are in a position to do so.

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